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The genetic impact of the Austronesian expansion has been contested, with some studies claiming that the genetic ancestry of Island Southeast Asia mostly reflects pre-Austronesian migrations (2, 3) and that the Austronesian expansion did not involve large-scale population movements (4).

Eastern Indonesia (consisting of the Nusa Tenggaras and Moluccas) (Figs.

the beginning of the modern world, shifted the monsoon over a threshold towards the modern system.

However, our knowledge about the historical origin and spread of Austronesian-speaking peoples has been overwhelmingly from linguistic, archaeological, and anthropological studies (1).

Although the Austronesian expansion had a major impact on the languages of Island Southeast Asia, controversy still exists over the genetic impact of this expansion.

The coexistence of both Asian and Papuan genetic ancestry in Eastern Indonesia provides a unique opportunity to address this issue.

They cite the study of the camel remains from Tell Jemmeh (4) and correlate caravan trade with the rise of city-states in the oases of Arabia.

Apart from a small Chalcolithic deposit with no camel bones at all, the mound of Tell Jemmeh was continuously inhabited from the Middle Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period.

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Our results indicate that the Austronesian expansion had a strong genetic as well as linguistic impact on Island Southeast Asia, and they significantly advance our understanding of the biological origins of human populations in the Asia–Pacific region.

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