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It features Redfoo and a group of men including Hok from Quest Crew, The Shuffle Bot, Nathan Pasley and Q dancing around town in speedos in front of women. Chelsea Korka, Ron Jeremy, Wilmer Valderrama, Alistair Overeem, Victor Kim, Steve Terada, Lola Blanc, Ryan Conferido, Ryan Feng of Quest Crew, Mindy Robinson, Angelo Marconi, Darren Mabee, Darla George, and Simon Rex all have cameos in the video.

The music video on You Tube was flagged for sexual content.

2009's Party Rock and 2011's Sorry for Party Rocking.

Gordy is the grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy.

Photography by Tomasz Borucki The clients wanted to have a space that was modern, with a combination of premium quality and design. Loft Conversion in Terrassa, Spain, designed by Egue & Seta. Ski Shores Lake House in Austin, Texas, designed by Stuart Sampley Photography by Casey Dunn 3.

Sassuolo House in Sassuolo, Italy, designed by Enrico Iascone Architects Photography by Daniele Domenicali 4.

La mia generazione in particolare fa molta fatica a discostarsi dalle grandi catene low-cost, che per quanto siano fantastiche rendono i nostri appartamenti molto simili ad un catalogo, togliendoci la possibilità di sfoggiare qualcosa di autentico e originale.

In 2010, Sky Blu created Big Bad University ("the first university for dreamers"), a collective of artists, which is mainly composed of the rapper Shwayze, recording artist/songwriter/Maxim model Chelsea Korka, and producer/singer/songwriter Mark Rosas.Germanesque techno hit for Lady Gaga, utilizing her name as a Teutonic chant, in which she is abducted from a surreal bath-house by costumed otherworldly supermodels, and auctioned off into slavery, before getting a fiery revenge.The music video for "Sexy and I Know It" was filmed in Venice, California, and uploaded on LMFAO's You Tube channel on September 16, 2011.So yeah in terms of what we see in here, it is really generic stuff with tons of men's underpants and bikinis.Summer feeling I guess, but nothing you have not seen in a million other music videos already.

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With their success coming not much behind, they have only released a couple of albums and not too many songs, which due to their wild sense of dance and music have gotten very famous.

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