Steam pause updating

I bought the game on steam and now it's trying to automatically update the game to the new version.

I don't want to do that yet because I want to keep playing the career that I started already.

I have 16 GB free on my Steam installation disk and 60 GB free on my system disk, so, naturally, I expect everything to work in no-brain mode.

However, halfway through peacefully downloading the patch in background Steam throws a "Not enough free disk space" error.

I check it, and - yep, Steam installation disk really has all its free space mysteriously gone. Does the game need more space to "repack" the resources after downloading the patch? Every update before this also had the same problem.

And it's already downloaded a bit of it, so I can't go back now?

I live in a place where my internet coneection is very bad (in a farm)..

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